Christmas Tree Decorating

Are you busy decorating for the holidays? I am! I have been working on my trees for 2 weeks now. We have 3 1/2 trees that I am trying to get done in between my sons medical appointments and household duties and motherly stuff with my other child (and he is a handful, let me tell ya). My husband started helping me with our 10ft tree but that was short lived. I love looking at all the beautifully decorated trees on line that people post during the holidays. Don’t you? It makes me wonder if they have kids? A lot of them do! I’m shocked because I wonder if they do not make any memories with their children over the years, did they not make things in school over the holidays to hang on a tree? I know mine did. I also know during the holidays I made ornaments with my children. They loved it. Knowing that what they made was going to be hung on the tree for everyone to see was so exciting for them.

In my home our largest tree has always been our memory tree. Since we have lived in Texas and moved to a much larger house we are able to have more than 1 tree. So our 10ft tree is made up of memories from my children and my husband and I. Every ornament has a meaning and a reason and a story to be hung on our tree. Granted my children are older now, 17, 20, and 25 but when they look at that tree and see a particular ornament they always talk about that certain time in there life when they made it or received it from someone and I never get sick of listening to the stories about it.

I also collect a family ornament each year as well with everyone’s name on it who is still living in the home and has not moved out yet. This is a great way for me to keep track of when my kids leave me, lol 😂. So far I only have 1 that has moved out. My kids still get ornaments every year from their grandmother and they hang it on our memory tree and when it comes time for them to move out they will take those ornaments with them. That way they can start a tradition with their family when they have one and they will also have ornaments to decorate with when they buy their first tree when they move out on their own.

Well I’m hoping to have all my decorating done before the first of December. If your household is anything like mine, December is a busy month. Get those trees 🌲 up and happy decorating!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decorating

  1. My Beautiful daughter LOVES Halloween and Christmas decorating, she goes all out, that’s why we have 3 1/2 trees and you should see the rest of the house! Shes very precise on what she wants and how she wants it done so she does the decor. When it comes time to take it all down she will have help if we know what box it goes in (LOL). I bet we have 30 + plastic containers of Christmas decorations and they are growing. You did a beautiful job Honey and I love the look and the awesome smell of evergreen all over the house! Love YOUR MOM!


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