Surgery Day

Today is one of many surgeries my son Mateo will go through to fix his burn sites on his body. He is ready and his mind is clear. His mom on the other hand is a wreck! It’s amazing how strong our children can be. I wonder if he is being strong for me because I’m such a wreck?

To let you know what happen to my son, he was is a serious motorcycle accident on the freeway and did a barrel roll across all lanes. He was not wearing protective gear except his helmet because it was 100 degrees that day so he had on a tank top. His jeans melted on him. The rest they cut off. He has burns over his entire body except his stomach, chests and head. His shoes flew off and his feet were burned as well. After a little over a month in BURN ICU. I was able to take him home and take care of him and his wounds and do outpatient therapy because he had to learn to walk and move all his muscles again. He also broke his hand which he recently had surgery on and is on the road to recovery for that.

Say a prayer and keep him in your thoughts, he has a long road ahead of him. I will give you a update of how things went and how he is feeling tomorrow. Have a great day!

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