Update From My Sons Surgery Yesterday..

My son Mateo is doing great today. He is feeling in high spirits and is feeling no pain. He got a little sick last night, but nothing to big. He has scabs over his burns and we have to continue to keep those burns hydrated with lots of lotion. This will be nothing new because we have been doing this ever since Mateo had his accident and came home from the hospital.

We were informed though at the hospital by his dr that he will have more then 8 surgeries, which we were very disappointed in.

All I have to say is this…. if you have a child that wants to ride a motorcycle or know someone or have a loved one that wants to ride, please, please, please, force that child and encourage the others to wear protective gear. I don’t care if it’s 102 degrees out. If you can’t handle the temp and the gear then you should not be riding the bike! My son will be getting another bike. He made that clear to me and I can’t stop him. It breaks my heart. He is an adult. But he will be wearing all the protective gear. Riding is his life. I just have to accept that even though I don’t want to.

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