Leaving On A Jet Plane

I’m on my way today to where I was born and raised, Wisconsin. I’m headed there to lay my dear grandfather to rest. He was the last of my living grandparents.

I’m sure it will be bitter sweet. The last time I was there was briefly January 15, 2013. I had the privilege to be a godmother to my godson Trevor who is my Cousins son. It was his baptism.

I am taking my younger son Marco with me. Mateo was suppose to go but we went to the dr on Monday and the Dr. said Mateo can not fly. He has some complications with some fluid build up in his sinus cavity and has to see a ENT to have it released. Which means another surgery. I am waiting for him to catch a break! My husband of course has to work and stay home with the dog.

So this will be a short trip, 5 days. But it will be nice to see my family that I missed so much.

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