It Was A Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful snowy day to lay my grandfather to rest. It was a short service. My grandpa did not want a lot of stuff done after he passed and most of his friends and family had already passed so the turn out was a small and quaint service.

I put together pictures of his life on posters boards to display at the funeral home to show his different stages of life. This was my aunts idea and a perfect touch it was.

The flowers where red, white, and blue to represent the service he did in the military. They enveloped the urn beautifully.

My son and I stayed with my aunt and uncle. My aunt Terri is one in a million I must say! She took care of my grandpa single handily for a very, very long time. My aunt is the youngest of 5 kids. I’m so very proud of her, she is so strong and determined and she put together the funeral beautifully. My grandfather would have been very proud of her.

The rest of my trip was fun and crazy. I had a blast with my cousins. We went sledding late at night, talked and made each other laugh and shared lots of memories. I spent a lot of time with one of my cousins, Kellie. We spent every day together. She just knows how to make me laugh.

❤️Kellie is behind Marco and that’s her daughter Alyssa next to her. Below is me and Lexi. Lexi is also Kellie’s daughter.

The temperature during this trip were extremely cold, so we did not go out much. My fingers would freeze even when I was wearing my gloves. Even though I grew up there, my body can not handle that cold any more. But it was so nice to get a taste of my childhood memories just once more. Now that I am home and my aunt text me this morning, she said I just missed it, they are getting 10 inches of snow and schools are closed. I guess I left just in time or I would have been stuck there. Oh it’s good to be HOME!

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