Love Beauty and Planet

I have to do a review on a great product that I absolutely love. I usually only purchase hair care products from a salon. This way I know my hair is getting the best it can get because when you go get your hair done it always comes out smelling great, feeling great, and it’s shiny and looks healthy.

So I have been buying products from salons for many, many years until recently. I was in Target and was looking for some all natural body wash. There was a few, but one that caught my eye because it had a bunch of different scents. I love choices and this particular brand had a bunch. Not only did it have body wash it had shampoo and conditioner. I thought “Why not, what do I have to lose?” So I did, and I’m totally hooked! I love… Love Beauty and Planet products. I can not say enough about the way the hair products make my hair feel. They are AMAZING! My hair is soft, smells great, feels full, and it’s so shiny. I have tried the lavender and I am using the coconut water & mimosa flower now. I can’t wait to try the others. The body wash does not dry out my skin and it’s not to strong for me. I absolutely love it.

Not only are these products AMAZING the company is doing amazing things for the planet. They are using 100% recycled bottles and are now working on making the caps recycled as well. You can follow this wonderful journey with them #smallactsoflove and see how much this company is transforming and making the planet a better place to live.

They also carry a deodorant line that does not have aluminum in it and has 24 hour protection. The deodorant line has 4 different scents; Refreshing, Pampering, Energizing, Relaxing.

If you get the chance, you have to try one of these products, you won’t go wrong. Definitely smell them in the store. They all smell wonderful!!!

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