Hail Storm We Will Never Forget 3/24/19

We had the hail storm of the century here in Texas. It lasted for about 45 minutes. It was insane, we have never seen anything like it. Our city made the national news it was so bad. We had minimal damage thank god. We thought the world was coming to a end because it was not letting up and kept coming. The hail was the size of my fist. I have never physically seen hail this size until now.

We walked around our neighborhood to check out the damage and talk with our neighbors, and they know roofs need to be replaced for sure. Cars were trashed that were left in the street. Gutters dented badly and some torn off. My path way lights are non existent that were made of glass.

I’m grateful that it did not shatter our house windows. As loud as it was, I that for sure our huge windows would all need to be replaced in our new home.

We just had our roof fixed, looks like we have to have it done again. So very frustrating. Texas weather is CRAZY!!

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