The Trial of My Son

Two years ago my son who was 18 and still in high school at the time was assaulted at a stop light by a 50 year old man who had road rage.  (We will call him Mr. Road Rage) How this all came about was like this….

My son and his friend where coming from the lake and heading to our house. They where driving side by side and doing the speed limit. They drive the exact same kind of car, Lexus IS250 but my sons car was newer then his friends and the color is a bit different. The road is only 2 lanes on each side. Apparently Mr. Road Rage was having a bad day and tried to act like he was going to ram their vehicles. He was mad because these 2 young men were not going fast enough for him. My sons friend decided to move over and let the guy past and so there they are my son and Mr Road Rage coming up to a stop light.

My son has his window down because he loves driving with his window down instead of the air on. They stop at the light and Mr Road Rage finds it ok to get out of his car and walk around to my sons car, grab him by the shirt and beat his face until he was knocked unconscious. Another person that is waiting at the light pulls Mr Road Rage off my son. When my son came too he was able to  get out of the car and takes a picture of Mr Road Rage’s license plate and hops back in his car and drives to safety.

While driving, my son is calling 911 and so is his friend from his car.   The calls came in to the 911 operators 25 seconds apart and both boys in different cars described the situation and the facts leading up to it exactly the same. His friend also caught a picture of Mr Road Rage bending over into my sons car about to punch him.

The police and ambulance meet my son at a racetrack gas station and they call me to come right away. He was is bad shape. Blood all over his face and hands. He is in tremendous pain. We end up going to the police dept to report Mr Road Rage and give all the pictures we have and all the info we have. My son was upfront and honest from the get go. Then we head to the hospital because Mateo can not handle the pain any longer. So we think something is seriously wrong. We are starting to see his head starting to cave in.

We get to the hospital and they are running a CT scan and they come back and said he has a large hole in his head.  He had a hole the size of a quarter punched through his skull. He needs to have surgery immediately. WE ARE IN UTTER SHOCK! So the hospital recommended us to see a plastic surgeon right away and that’s what we did. Mateo ended up having his head cut open from ear to ear over the top of his head. Then they pulled his forehead and face forward and worked on the hole on his forehead. He has straps and screws covering up the hole. Mateo has lots of sinus issues now. They do not drain properly, and will need many surgeries to get relief.

So my son missed the most important time of his senior year. Prom, senior end of year activities, and almost missed Graduation. He made it the last 4 days of school. These are suppose to be the best times of your life and he missed it!

So going forward, the police are looking for Mr Road Rage and he has fled. Can’t find him anywhere. Even though they have his address he is not there. My husband has busted his butt doing all the research on Mr Road Rage and finds out all sorts of stuff about him and hands it over to the police dept.

We have a private investigator friend and can find out just about anything. Nice I Know!!!! Finally after several weeks they walked into his work and caught him in front of his coworkers and arrested him. He spent a month in jail until he posted bail.

Almost 2 years have gone by and that brought us to this past week. We finally got our week in court. We thought we had no problems, that everyone would see it the way we see it. The only problem was we did not expect the other side to lie so much.  They allowed the defendant to hear everyone else’s testimony before having to testify himself.   He then admitted while on the stand that he changed his testimony after hearing the two boys testimonies.

This is how this justice system works for the victim….?

My son had to be on the stand with no support in the court room. I could not be sitting there, my husband could not be there. No one! He had to be there all by himself staring at Mr Road Rage and all of his family members in the court looking at him while he testified to what his family member did to my son.

Then, Mr Road Rage was able to see all the pictures we submitted first and then tailored his story to my pictures. Changed his story 2-3 times.  He also admitted on the stand that he changed his story multiple times.

We were informed that Mr Road Rage was able to pick who was going to hand down his punishment, either the jury or the judge. So he picked the judge….why? Funny you should ask….Mr Road Rage was informed ahead of time that this judge likes to give probation instead of jail time! Hhhhhmmmm

The entire time of testimony of all the witnesses of the doctors, the police officers, paramedics, the investigators of my sons, the family of Mr Road Rage and Mr Road Rage himself was able to sit there and watch all of it. Where were Mateo and his Family? We were put in a small interview room for many hours waiting to here what to do next. We could not hear any of what these witnesses where saying, Mateo was not even allowed to hear any of it. But Mr Road Rage and his Family were able too. But these were all people defending my son and he couldn’t be there.

My husband and I weren’t even testifying and we couldn’t be in the courtroom to support our son. The other side had complete control over what we were doing. They objected to us being in the court. We got to be there during closing arguments.

This is what we heard that came out of the other sides mouth that was complete lies….

He said that my son and his friend ran him off the road on to the curb 2 times. He said that my son’s car hit his car but my son’s car did not have any scratches on it but his did and he did not claim it. But a long time after it received hail damage and was a total loss so no one ever saw this little scratch. Go figure!! He also said that after he saw my sons pictures of him bending down in my sons car window about to pop him in the face he was actually telling him to pull over he wants his insurance information. Yeah right? In what universe pal?? But not once did he call the police after these 2 boys ran him off the road twice or hit his car. Wouldn’t you of called the police if this happen to you???During all this closing Mumbo jumbo garbage he was feeding the jury he was trying to paint that this guy was a war vet that had 3 children. Sure, he served in the military but he never fought any war. His ship was stationed in the Caribbean throughout his time in the Navy and records show his ship never saw any war time.  Yes he has kids, they are all grown up and moved out. One of them is also in the military. So to paint it as they are small kids was ridiculous. He tried to say my son lied by saying that Mr Road Rage only hit him once, then twice, then three times and kept wavering about how many times he hit him and that never was the fact. My son always said it was THREE TIMES AND THEN HE WAS KNOCKED OUT! It could have been more but after three that’s all he remembers. The other side tried grasping at strays as much as they could to paint my son as the bad person. When Mr Road Rage is by far the felon. He has 2 prior convictions for assault but that could not be brought up. Yep…. I’m shaking my head!!!!

So what happened… the jury went and deliberated for 11 hours and couldn’t come to an agreement. It was 9-3 in favor of my son. We were told that when our team went back to talk to the jury they found out that the 3 were concerned as to what would happen to his 3 kids if he went to jail? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Your not suppose to use your heart in this case your supposed to use the evidence that was given.  His defense was that it was self defense to hit my son.

Why can’t we use educated jurors to pick the fate of these criminals. We were told that in the beginning most of the jurors were for Mr Road Rage. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AM I BEING PUNKED? Then they swayed to find a majority guilty some how.  But not enough so it was a hung jury. The trial was over.

So what now? Well we can’t discuss that yet. Because we are going back to court in 2 weeks and we will let you know how that turns out. But there are 2 offers on the table. He has to choose one or the other.

so this is to be continued……

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