One Of The Offers Were Accepted…

The Defense side came back and accepted one of our offers that I mentioned were on the table that he had to accept. The 2 things on the table were probation or a mistrial. He picked probation for 8 years with stipulations. We started out with 10 years and it ended at 8 years. What this means is this….

If he so much as misses his probation officer visit, gets into a fight, or has some kind of altercation and it involves the police …. he will go to jail for 8 years. He also has to stay away from my son for forever. If he comes near him, he goes to jail. He has a shady past, so he will screw up again. He has a temper, he will screw up again.

My son has to make his victims impact statement on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. He has to face Mr Road Rage and the court to do this and discuss how what Mr Road Rage did has changed and effected his life.

This is not over…. we move on next to our civil case. This is a whole new case that will start all over again but in civil court.

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