Big Release Day

My son was released today for the therapy on his broken hand. We are EXCITED! That is one thing to check off our long list he has accomplished. This wonderful lady is the AWESOME Alison Taylor, of Baylor Scott & White in Frisco. She is our top notch Occupational Therapist that works on Mateo and does not cause him any pain while doing it. She is AMAZING.

We hope to go back and she will do therapy on all his burns if all works out. She did it on our very last visit and it gave Mateo lots of relief and a more mobility.

If you live in Frisco, Texas and you need PT you need to come to the state of the art facility with very knowledgeable staff. We couldn’t have gotten though this with out Alison. So Alison, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART ❤️!

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