Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope everyone that has children in school shows appreciation to your child’s teachers. They work their butts off for next to nothing in pay. They use their own money a lot of the time to fund projects and things for the class and never ask the parent for a cent.

My 3 children while growing up, have had teachers that left lasting impression on their lives. They talk about them when they get together and talk about growing up. The smiles on their faces shows me these teachers did there jobs so well and I could not thank them enough. It makes me proud when my kids are still in touch with there favorite teachers and I am still in touch with some of them as well. This is an amazing bond that I will cherish forever.

Every year I made sure that these teachers were well taken care of. I wish I could have done more. But if your searching for something to do for your teacher I’m going to list some ideas for you with some pictures. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. But here are my favorites.

So don’t forget your teacher this week. It does not need to be much. Just show you appreciate them. Below are some other ideas you can do for them.

*Bring your teacher a flower

*Write them a letter letting them know how much the have impacted your life this year

*Buy them some school supplies they are running low on

*Treat your teacher to there favorite beverage or snack

*Gift cards are always best to a restaurant, store, teacher store or massage

*Each day donate a book to the class.

“You are an AW-esome teacher” tag attached to a six-pack of A&W root beer

“I couldn’t have ‘picked’ a better teacher” tag attached to a fruit basket, or cookies in a berry basket

“We ‘flippin’ love you” with a spatula and cookie, brownie or cake mix

“There is no “sub” stitute for you!” tag attached to a  gift card from the local sub shop.

“Thanks a ‘latte!” tag with a gift card from the local coffee shop, special coffees or travel mug

“Your teaching is right on target” attached to a Target gift card

“Here is a ‘pat’ on the back for doing such a great job!” tag attached to a gift certificate for a massage

“Here’s the scoop… you are the best!” attached to Sundae supplies or gift card for an ice cream shop.

“Here ‘s a little extra ‘dough’! ” Thanks for all you do!” package with cookie dough or dollar bills

“Shooting for Brownie points” tag attached to a box of brownies

“You are a ‘Fanta’ stic teacher” tag attached to a bottle of Fanta

“You are the sweetest teacher! Thanks for making me a smart cookie!” plate of cookies

“I am so lucky to have you for a teacher” attached to a lottery ticket or lucky charms cereal

“I am bananas for you” attached to banana bread

“We are ‘Soda” lighted you were our teacher” attached to favorite soda

“You are the apple of our eye” with a basket of apples

“You are ‘tea’rrific!” tag with selection of teas

“You are one smart cookie” tag with homemade cookies

“You are o’fish’ally the best!” tag attached to Goldfish crackers

“We are fortunate to have you” tag with Chinese take out box filled with fortune cookies

*Take them a candy bar /gum / mint / nuts and attach a tag with one of the saying below

“We appreciate the ‘mounds’ of work you do” tag attached to a Mounds candy bar

“You deserve an extra Payday” tag attached to a Payday Candy bar

“You are ‘extra’ special” tag attached with a pack of Extra Gum

“You were ‘mint’ to be a teacher!” tag attached to some mints

“You are worth more than a 100 grand to us!” tag attached to a 100 grand candy bar

“You ‘mint’ so much to us this year” tag attached to some mints

“You are a ‘treasure’ “ tag with treasures candy

“You are a joy!” tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar

“You are out of this world” tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar

“You rock!” tag with pop rocks, rock candy, rock star soft drink or painted rock for a paperweight

“We are ‘nuts’ about you!” tag attached to some nuts

“Thanks for helping me become a real ‘smartie’ pants!” tag attached to package of Smarties

“You are an ‘amazing’ teacher” tag attached to an Amazing candy bar

One thought on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Really great ideas and the fact that they are very affordable is a real plus! Great Ideas Honey and I’ve always admired the many different ideas you come up with! Wish you would have posted your latest one!

    Liked by 1 person

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